Madagascar Fishing

Madagascar Fishing

Madagascar is truly blessed with an abundance of marine life from turtles and dolphins to a wide array of game fish. The undulating ocean bed provides a multitude of pinnacles, drop-offs and reefs all in relatively close proximity which allow for some excellent drop-shot and spinning opportunities.

Giant Ignobis (Kingfish) are regularly caught on big poppers and plugs around the pinnacles and reefs. Other species regularly caught are Dorado, Spanish Mackerel, Couta and Barracuda. Wide ranges of Tuna, the majority of which are large Yellow Fin, are also hooked on a daily basis. For the light tackle enthusiast, fishing in the mangroves and shallows as well as off the magnificent white beaches provide an excitement second to none, with GTs, Red Snapper, Trumpet Fish and Barracuda in abundance. For the hardy drop-shot fisherman, a large number of extreme drop-offs provide much reward and excitement, with Dog-tooth Tuna, an array of large reef fish amongst other species being regularly caught.

A fishing trip to Madagascar would not be complete without landing a few Sail Fish and possibly one or two large Marlin. Sail Fish and Marlin frequent these waters in mass between May and December.

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